I remember one late night chat with my brother-in-law when I admitted to him that some days I feel like I have no idea what I am doing, and I’m just figuring things out as I go along. He laughed and responded: “Yeah, that’s pretty much what I am doing as well”. That is when I realized we are all a bit clueless about life.

So when Nicola asked me to photograph their family and the coming of baby Amoré, I was thrilled but a little bit out of my comfort zone. But I suppose life would be pretty boring without these challenges every now and again.

Corné & Nicola Maternity

I am, however, so thankful that we accepted this shoot, because I have now found a new passion within this creative space. I realized that Maternity Sessions are actually such a blessing to work with. Not only to get the most beautiful photographs, but also to be a part of something big that God is doing in somebody else’s lives. Within the journey 2016 have taken us, we have realized that God not only has a plan for each child, but that a name is dear to His heart.

With the coming of Amoré (which means beloved and cherised) we believe and pray that she will be a blessing to her family, and that she will also BE love in this world, and cherish the love and gifts that God has already designed as part of her being.

To Corné, Nicola and baby brother Alexander, may you cherish and love Amoré as God’s masterpiece, and may you lead her into intimacy with Jesus Christ all the days of her life. We look forward to meeting her soon!

Corné & Nicola Maternity


Corné & Nicola Maternity


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